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Blog#11: Home

Back in Mississauga and damn. I had such a good time I’m upset it’s over. There were so many new things I learned on this trip. This was truly a lifetime experience and I highly recommend you guys going on a trip like mine.

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Landed at Mexico’s airport. Stayed at this hotel and it wasn’t really pleasing. I went to visit one of the seven wonders of the world “chiche itza” which is located in Yucalan Peninsula, Mexico. There is also a lot of small shops where locals sell different types of things. 7edfe510-860d-11e9-bebb-29a67ebbe379.jpg

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Last couple days of my trip and I’m here in Tokyo, Japan. I’m staying at Hilton Tokyo for 2 nights which was $329 a night. I know expensive but, I wanted to go all out for my last couple days. On the first day I just went to explore the city. I walked around, ate different types of food and went to the mall to go shopping.
Day2: I woke up early today and went for an early morning jog. Once I got back I got ready and made my way to the Tokyo Tower. After that I went to go look at the cherry blossom trees and took some nice pictures. Sadly it’s my last day, I don’t wanna go home.tokyo.jpg

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Checked in at Baguss City Hotel Johor Bahru which only costed me $23 for the night. I know...amazing. First I went to the Angry Birds Activity Park where I went on many rides. I then took a bus to the Singapore zoo which is an hour away. I saw many different wildlife but my favourite part of the zoo was seeing the elephants. After a long day, I picked up food and went back to my hotel to get ready to go to Japan. bp_ele4_210918_62.jpg

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Blog#8: Asia


Finally, I’ve arrived in Hong Kong, China. The airport is huge...like massive. Probably because there is so many people who live here. I checked in at Park Hotel Hong Kong a 4star hotel that was $55 for the night. Today I went to Victoria Peak, a hill on the western half on Hong Kong island. It’s also the highest hill on the island. After I got back I went I wanted to get something to eat because I was so hungry. So, I went to Tai Ping Koon Restaurant, a 4 star popular spot there. I loved the food, highly recommend. I finished eating and made my way back to the hotel for a good rest for tomorrow’s adventure. hk.png

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